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Is your landing page value proposition clear and conveyed upfront?

With countless competitors presenting the same product or service you’re offering, your value proposition should tell potential buyers why they should choose you (and your services / products) over everyone else.

Above all, your landing page value proposition should answer three important questions:

  1. How can your product or service solve or improve my problems?
  2. Why should I buy from you over your competitors?
  3. What benefits can I expect?

There are many best practices to observe when optimizing a landing page, and properly presenting your value proposition is arguably one of the most important to note.

Think about it…
Categorized into six topics, we’re about to dive into 17 great examples of landing page value proposition that do the following:
  • Provide a solution to a problem
  • Show why customers should choose you over your competitors
  • Show what benefits customers can expect (above the fold)
  • Create credibility, trust, and liking
  • Give power in numbers
  • Make it about your audience

Some of these examples are our own, backed up by our findings and results. Take what’s applicable for your landing page and let’s skyrocket those conversions with your value propositions. Here are 17 great examples to get you started.

Provide a Solution to a Problem

As mentioned in a landing page related post, every visitor comes into your page with different pain points. One of the main goals of your value proposition is to address them and provide a reason as to why your product or service is the best solution to their problem.

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