Pay as You Go Support

Pay as You Go Support

Our pay as you go IT support service is for businesses or IT teams needing complementary IT support, its simple pay for the service you need.

We offer a no-nonsense tech support. We will never try to baffle you!
This is an ideal ad-hoc service for general one-off IT support issues, emergency support,consultation services, project work and more.
IT support from 1st line upwards – both remote (telephone and email) or we can be present on your premises.
Workstations – including hardware troubleshooting and software
PC and Laptop Computers break down for a variety of reasons, software, hardware, malicious software or even physical damage. Our technicians have the required skills to fix your machine.
We also offer Content Support. If you dont feel comfortable adding to your website then let us do it for you. *Costs Apply
We are also ITIL Compliance so this means you will get the best results from our team to fix your problems.
We also recommend the best and cheapest upgrades which are in your budget!

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