Simple Brands

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Please don’t take offence. We are simply pointing up a new phenomena in the world of brand. Although the appeal of certain brands, loved the world over, has been theorised, analysed and explained in countless books, articles and academic courses, there is an inescapable fact. Just as society changes and moves on, so do the brand values that consumers find compelling. And there’s been no greater change in our lifetime than the technological revolution. As far as brands are concerned, this has given rise to a new breed of disruptor brands, that owe their rapid supremacy to a single word. Simplicity.

By making it simpler to hail a cab, access the world’s information and find a holiday apartment, bypassing the hotel industry, these new brands have become multi-billion pound concerns. And what could be simpler than buying everything from best sellers to barbeques, with a single click, courtesy of the all-conquering Amazon. But does the simplicity of the consumer experience, translate into inspiring people to spend more, motivate employees to deliver on the brand promise, drive brand loyalty and ultimately create financial gain.

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